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The healthiest form of water with a single touch…


Reach comfort and savings in your office or workplace. You can obtain the needed healthy and clean drinking water directly from the mains water with Prowater purified water dispensers, which do not require the use of carboy water, stylish and take up little space. Equipped with a 6-stage reverse osmosis system  You can obtain hot, cold or, optionally, drinking water at room temperature.


With Prowater  purified water dispenser systems, you will be able to prepare your hot drinks such as tea and coffee safely, and you will also be able to meet your drinking water needs at cold and hot or room temperature in summer and at medium cold in winter, according to your wishes.

In addition, we offer solutions for your hot and cold beverage needs in different quantities with our special systems for tea stoves or coffee machines suitable for dining hall and kitchen use.

It is now possible to solve your workplace's water needs with less cost, with special drinking water solution suggestions for your businesses. Contact Us!

Ayrıca yemekhane ve mutfak kullanımına uygun çay ocağı veya kahve makineleri için özel sistemlerimizle, farklı miktarlardaki sıcak ve soğuk içecek ihtiyaçlarınıza yönelik çözümler sunuyoruz.

İşletmelerinize özel içme suyu çözüm önerileri ile iş yerinizin su ihtiyacını daha az maliyetle çözmek artık mümkün. Bizimle Temasa geçin!

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