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1.9 billion people suffer from water scarcity!


Chlorine Dosing Systems

Klor Dozaj Sistemleri

Chlorination; It is one of the disinfection systems used to purify artesian and utility water, especially drinking water, from all fungi, viruses and bacteria  microorganisms. Chlorine is injected into the system with the dosing pump. It is a permanent disinfectant and is economical. Dosing pumps are used for dosing chlorine with constant flow or automatically controlled variable flow.

Ultraviolet Systems

Ultraviyole Sistemler

The ultraviolet device, with the ultraviolet light emitted by the UV lamp inside, disrupts the cell structures of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi in the water and renders them ineffective. Ultraviolet device consists of four parts: stainless steel body, uv lamp cover, uv lamp and control panel. Water enters the stainless steel body, where it is exposed to UV rays and leaves the filter sterile.

Ozonlama Uygulamaları

Ozonation Applications

Ozonation Systems; Ozone has been widely used for disinfection, especially in recent years, because it is a gas with high oxidation power. The fact that it is a natural disinfectant has led to the rapid spread of usage areas and its safe use.

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