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Cafe, Restaurant and Kitchen Applications

Just as the continuity of indispensable flavors is directly related to water quality, it is so important that you work with competent solution partners. Prowater offers effective solutions to meet all your needs by playing a beneficial role in the production of quality water in the kitchens, in the taste of all the drinks and foods you offer to your customers.

Hot Drink Applications

About 98% of tea and coffee is water. For this reason, water;  plays a specific role in the flavor and aroma of tea and coffee, revealing the flavor. Prowater filtration and reverse osmosis systems offer you special solutions to keep the mineral structure of the mains water balanced and purify the pollutants in the water by 95% to 99%  to make you feel the coffee aroma. On the other hand, they are systems that prevent the formation of lime and corrosion in the machine. . Prowater systems remove bad taste of water, existing odor, harmful bacteria and cysts.  Produces neutral pH water. It provides customer satisfaction, savings and profitability in your business.

Cold Drink Applications

Our systems that produce clean and healthy water, which do not contain pollutants that may cause staining, scratches and carbonation on the glasses in your cold beverage services, will increase your business profitability due to ensuring continuity in beverage quality, minimum maintenance and low failure rates.

Ice Filtration

With Prowater purification systems, we guarantee that the ice cubes come out of the ice machine smoothly and do not leave any residue in the drinks when they are melted. Because we block all pollutants and remove them from the water. It will be  ed. This way your  ice machines will be protected and  will require less maintenance.

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