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For freshwater access, is it the only  solution? 

—  Prowater

Water treatment with reverse osmosis is widely applied especially for systems that need high quality water when conventional water treatment methods are insufficient. Advances in membrane technology and falling prices have paved the way for the widespread use of membrane technology in water treatment. While it is mostly used to obtain drinking water; Many businesses have turned to water treatment with reverse osmosis in order to eliminate the problems caused by water quality and to meet certain standards in production.

Well Water Treatment Systems

Our systems for converting well water to drinking water; It is designed according to the amount of use needed to remove bacteria, viruses and common pollutants.

Pollution of water occurs as a result of human activities. Industrial wastes, the use of fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture, domestic wastewater, and underground and surface waters are mixed and adversely affect water quality and health.

Our Prowater project supplement is within this framework; He leads the development and design of water treatment systems that include all pre- and post-treatment stages for the  segment of well water artesian and borehole waters.

Kuyu Suyu Arıtma

Sea Water Treatment Systems

Our services for obtaining fresh water from sea water, drinking, potable water preparation, assembly, installation, commissioning and turnkey projects are designed according to the required capacity.


With the increase of climate change and drought in the world, there has been a tendency to benefit from unconventional water resources.  


Fresh water can be produced from sea water, which does not have a water source. On the other hand, in the tourism sector, which is expressed as the smokeless industry, the demands of hotels to obtain fresh water from sea water have increased. In addition, reverse osmosis systems producing fresh water are used in war and passenger ships, yachts  . Summer estates have also turned to salt water treatment mini-plant investments.

Deniz suyu arıtma

Drinking Water Treatment Systems

Large, medium and small scaled water treatment plants to obtain drinking water and utility water from well water, sea water and surface water are to be designed according to innovative technology understanding and optimum criteria. 


Unconventional waters contain pollutants that we cannot see with the naked eye but are harmful to our health. These; sometimes we feel bad taste,  smell,  color,  lime and sediment._cc781905-bb3- 136bad5cf58d_ Sometimes, we are unknowingly exposed to the presence of various viruses, bacteria, microbiological agents and heavy metals because of the water we drink .


Prowater Engineering, pollutant-specific treatments; It offers a comprehensive combination of water treatment options for apartments, complexes, housing estates, hotels, farms and residences, including fully automatic devices and complementary components.

Ters Osmoz sistemeleri

​The reverse osmosis membrane keeps the dissolved substances in the water at the rate of 92-98% under high pressure. While the trapped ions are thrown out of the concentrate line, the water that passes through the membrane and gains purity is stored in the pure water tank. The reverse osmosis system is of high quality. It is a fully automatic system that produces pure water. In reverse osmosis systems, system automation is provided by using it in many auxiliary equipment, apart from the basic elements.

Usage areas

  • In the production of high quality pure water from groundwater,

  • In the production of fresh water from sea water,

  • In the treatment of water with high metal content,

  • In waste water recycling processes,

  • In drinking water production

  • In the production of good water for cooling systems.

Assistive equipment

  • automatic valves

  • Chassis (full corrosion resistant, synthetic, stainless steel or epoxy painted carbon steel),

  • Measuring devices (conductivity meter, pH meter, redox meter, flow meter),

  • PLC or microprocessor controllers,

  • CIP cleaning unit,

  • Soft starter or frequency inverter for high pressure pump,

  • membrane protection system,

  • Production water quality control system.

System Components

  • Σ System inlet precision filter,

  • Σ High pressure pump,

  • Σ Reverse osmosis membrane,

  • Control Panel,

  • Automation equipment.

Systems are established, including the removal of parameters from well water, sea water, and undesirable conditions and undesirable substances in surface waters. Improvements are made by analyzing the raw water and using existing technologies, and our systems offer the opportunity to bring the raw water to the desired criteria in accordance with the "Regulation on Water Intended for Human Consumption".


Prowater Water Treatment Technologies since 2000 cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_water treatment equipments and project services_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136455cf58d has adopted the principle of providing superior quality with technical service . Our after-sales technical service teams contribute to the continuous increase of production quality and capacity by monitoring the system efficiency cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_system efficiency. levels and thus sustainable customer satisfaction   is ensured.

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