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When considering water filtration systems design, softening, ultraviolet treatment, and specific demineralization requirements are often detailed and basic filtration is ignored. However, it is a little-known fact that our mains water contains particles. This contamination most likely brings corrosion and a host of problems; If these particles are allowed, a possible life for bacteria It can provide an area and increase the frequency of disinfection work together with health risks.  Filtration systems are the most important step in the removal of suspended solids by providing the desired micron precision treatment of your water. Also It is also used to remove organic substances and some minerals from your water.

Tam Otomatik Kum Filtre 

Fully Automatic Sand Filter 

Sand Filter is used to remove suspended solids, turbidity and other particles contained in water.  Sand filters are purified during the service period and your filters are completely cleaned with the backwash period. This feature refreshes your system and increases its usage time. Multimedia filtration system can be designed at required flow rates.

Tam Otomatik Karbon Filtre 

Fully Automatic Carbon Filter 

Activated carbon filters are used for the purification of undesirable chlorine, color, taste, odor-giving molten gases, residues and organic substances in water. Equipped with fully automatic control systems, this device automatically performs the necessary backwashing and regeneration processes at certain intervals, without the need for human intervention, depending on the program to be given at the beginning.

 Demir ve Mangan Giderimi

 Iron and Manganese Removal

Iron and manganese filters, thanks to special minerals and oxidation-filtration method; It can reduce the amount of iron and manganese in the water to the desired values. 

Iron and manganese can impart an unpleasant taste, odor and color to water. Iron causes reddish-brown stains on laundry, porcelain, dishes, utensils, glassware, sinks, fixtures, and concrete. Manganese causes brownish black spots on the same materials. Detergents do not remove these stains. Chlorine bleach and alkaline builders (such as sodium and carbonate) can thicken stains.


 Arsenik Giderimi

 Arsenic Removal

Arsenic filtration systems, thanks to special minerals and oxidation-filtration method; It can reduce the amount of arsenic in the water to the desired values by applying one or two steps together with a special chemical. 

Arsenic is known to be highly toxic to all life forms. This element is classified as a group 1 human carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Recently, many studies have been conducted on the environmental fate and behavior of arsenic and the associated hazards due to various cases of arsenic contamination worldwide. Chronic ingestion of inorganic arsenic in concentrations above 50 μg/L in drinking water can develop different types of skin lesions (e.g. hyperpigmentation, hyperkeratosis) and cancers (e.g. skin, lung, kidney, bladder), collectively termed arsenicosis. In the literature, it is reported that inorganic arsenic species are more toxic than organic species mono-methylarsenate (MMA) and dimethylarcinate (DMA).



The final remineralization process can be sized according to customer needs by installing it on the last outlet line of reverse osmosis systems and 

It provides the ideal solution to obtain water with the desired properties. It is also used for pH increase.

 dolomite compound used to remineralize water; It is used to remove carbon dioxide, increase the pH level of water and improve the taste and appearance of soft water.


Disc Filter Systems

Disc Filtration systems can be used manually or automatically to filter particulate contaminated water. Since the backwash times are very short, it does not cut the filtered water flow. For this reason, Disk Filters are indispensable for businesses that want constantly filtered water.

Sediment-Kartus-Filtre-1-Evsel (1).png

Cartridge Filter Systems

Cartridge Filters in Water  suspended solids, turbidity, rust, sediment, and other particles from 50 microns to 2 microns (by means of cartridges made of (pp) material)  cartridge filter body It is a filtration system that ensures that it is kept and purified.

pvc-torba-filtreler-1024x1024 (1).jpg

Separator Filter 

Bag Filters

House Filters

Separator Filter systems work according to the principle of removing solids and particles with a specific gravity higher than water from the water with the effect of centrifugal force. Due to the centrifugal effect that occurs when the water enters the inlet tangentially, the particles heavier than water are thrown towards the device walls and descend towards the collection area with spiral movements. .Particles collected in the lower chamber of the filter are periodically or continuously emptied manually or automatically.

Disc Filtration systems can be used manually or automatically in well waters, surface waters, or particulate-contaminated water filtration. Although the backwash times are very short, they do not cut the filtered water flow to the facility. For this reason, Disk Filters are indispensable for businesses that want constantly filtered water.


UF ultrafiltration membrane modules, with their 0.01 micron pore diameter structure, provide a complete barrier for bacteria, viruses and microorganisms without the need for chemical use, while effectively rejecting viruses such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia and chlorine-resistant organisms.

UF Ultrafiltration is used successfully in drinking water production, surface water purification, sea water disinfection and many special processes. MBR origin is the lifeblood of the systems in the processes for the recovery of water.


Organisms that can resist disinfectants, such as some spore-forming micro-organisms, can only be retained by Ultrafiltration membranes. In addition, it is known that organic substances and chlorine compounds in water form THMs (trihalomethane), and these THMs cause irreversible toxic effects on the human body .

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