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Filtration Technologies

Carbon Filtration  Systems

The water is passed through the activated carbon filter cartridge. Carbon absorbs objectionable odors, flavors, organic compounds and many dangerous chemicals.

Carbon absorption is one of the most widely used water filtration systems. There are two types of carbon filter systems - granular carbon and solid carbon. A heat treatment process creates "activated" carbon with microscopic pores and cracks that trap chemical and organic impurities in a process that mimics the filtering properties of soil.

The effectiveness of a carbon filter system depends on many factors, including the type and amount of carbon used, the way the filter is designed, and the length of time the filter is used.

Which Pollutants It Removes:
Hydrogen Sulfide, Radon, Chlorine, Volatile Organic Compounds, Pesticides, Benzene, Colors, Fragrances.

It effectively removes dissolved organic compounds and some chemicals. It works well with other filtration systems. Removes unpleasant odors and tastes

It does not remove most heavy metals. Filters must be replaced, otherwise filtration capacity will be compromised

Activated Carbon Filtration Systems Usage Areas

  • Pre-treatment before reverse osmosis

  • food industry

  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industry

  • Providing water free from microorganisms

  • Garden irrigation errors after gray water treatment

  • In groundwater treatment

  • In surface water treatment

  • Clean water supply

Karbon Filtrasyon Sistemleri

Sand Filtration Systems

Sand filtration systems remove suspended solids, causing turbidity in water and distorting the appearance of water; It ensures the removal of unwanted parameters such as sediment and sludge.


As the water flows through the sand, the accompanying particles are trapped in the pores between the sand and the filtration process takes place. Thus, the water acquires a clear appearance.  


Most of the sand filters are equipped with an automatic backwash controller.  Due to its compact design, operator requirement and small footprint are the reasons for preference. In sand filter systems with low initial investment cost, quartz provides filtration with graded gravel minerals. The right choice of sand filtration system provides high efficiency and minimizes the load on other filtration systems. While sand filtration systems will ensure the removal of undissolved suspended solids, they will also prevent blockages and energy consumption in machinery and installations. The filtration sensitivity of sand filter systems operating in the pressure range of 3-8 bar can drop down to 10 microns. Automation (control) valves, which are the basic components of sand filter systems, automatically perform backwashing according to a predetermined program. Sand Filters are widely used today  for domestic and industrial purposes: ​

Kum Filtrasyon Sistemleri
Kum filtrasyon sistemleri, askıda katı maddeleri gidererek, suda bulanıklığa sebep olan ve suyun görüntüsünü bozan; tortu, çamur gibi istenmeyen parametrelerin uzaklaştırılmasını sağlar.
Kum Filtrasyon Sistemleri

Bag, Cartridge / Separator Filtration

Cartridge type filters are used to hold sand, shaft, suspended solids (AKM), organic and inorganic solids and other solid particles in the water.

According to the needs of the companies, multi-filter systems specially designed in 304 SS and 316 SS stainless steel body or pressure-resistant PVS can be designed according to different diameters and models.  Especially in enterprises where manual filter systems are preferred and space problems are encountered. It is widely used to obtain the desired quality product (filtrate)  thanks to the multi-cartridge filter systems depending on the operating flow.

Multi-cartridge filters are extremely durable as the body is made entirely of stainless steel. Filtering with the requested micron precision has caused them to be widely preferred in water treatment. The most important advantage of this type of filters is that they can filter the water very well, and more water can be obtained by placing more than one filter in a single body.

Separator Filter

Seperatör Filtre

Cartridge Filter

Kartuş Filitre
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