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  • Daily Water Production Capacity: 200 -280 Liters
  • Filter Change Life: Lasts 6-12 Months
  • Number of Filters: Consists of 5-Stage Filters
  • Device Color Options: White
  • We Provide You to Produce Alkaline Water with High pH Value
  • It Takes Up Very Little Space With Its Stylish and Ergonomic Structure



Prowater Water Purifier , with its stylish design, allows you to obtain healthy and delicious water in your home. The device, which filters the mains water in 5 stages and with membrane technology  , is perfect in terms of functionality. Water, which gives energy to human beings, is a vital fluid that carries nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

The advanced technology Prowater Practical Model  Water Purifier provides the desired amount of water that you can supply both tasty and healthy water, and is a quality and reliable product with an inline filter system that can be easily replaced.

Prowater Water Purifier The water purified from all wastes is processed for the last time with the coconut shell carbon filter and becomes a delicious and soft water. Our customers can add Mineral Filter, Alkaline Filter and Detox Filter to their devices in variation options.

Pro Practical

₺2,650.00 Regular Price
₺2,252.50Sale Price
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